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It’s that time. Time to face the weeds that threaten the beauty of the green, plush lawn. We all enjoy the feel of the cool, soft, living cushion beneath our feet on a July afternoon. In order to enjoy that pleasant sensation, we must prepare and nurture its growth. As I sit on my front porch, soaking in the sun’s powerful rays, the appealing sound of bumble bees and butterflies frolicking upon the buffet of rhododendrons is suddenly interrupted. Although necessary, the noise from the fertilizing truck has broken the beauty and solitude of my morning meditation.

Weeds cannot be ignored if we’re to enjoy the beauty of a manicured lawn or flourishing garden. The seeds have been planted, now care and tending perhaps even more drastic measures may be required to gain the desired results.

Similar to a physical garden, inhabited within each of us is a spiritual breeding ground where life or destruction takes root. So I ask the question, is your spiritual garden flourishing with life or are the weeds of life’s turmoil choking the life within?

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