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Retreats can be designed for 1/2 day, day, overnight, or weekend

Samaria the Next Day

We know the stories. We’ve heard them many times before. Let’s put fresh eyes on the journey of the Israelites from oppression toward their Promised Land. Does their plight resemble anything of life as we know it?  As in today’s world, when numerous beliefs are strong and valid, opinions collide. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to pierce through the darkness that attempts to blind and suppress. 


This retreat, facilitated by Meg Castellini, will shed light on the promise you hold deep in your heart that is meant to be shared with others. “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” (Romans 10:15) Come experience Living water - a spring bubbling up - like never before! Join us as we venture to Samaria the Next Day where we will be embraced, enlightened and the flame of God’s Spirit will empower us for our mission.

Free To Be

Based upon the story of the famous sisters Martha and Mary, this retreat allows for reflection upon the distractions that keep us from a balanced life. Gain understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection and strive for a wholesome healthy centered life.

Meet Me At the Live, Laugh and Love

As we follow the footsteps of the unnamed woman who traveled to Jacob's well, we will gain a better understanding of what it means to truly live. The woman's encounter with Jesus was life-changing as she discovered the value in herself, and opened herself to receive the grace of God.

Samaria: The Next Day...Unveiling the Treasure Within

A sequel to Meet Me At The Well, we'll travel to Jacob's well, the next day, with a new attitude and awareness of the treasure we have within.

Burning the Midnight Oil? Save Some for Yourself!

A retreat designed with caregivers in mind. We are called to serve and love others, however, we are also called to care for and love ourselves. Based on the parable of the ten virgins, we need to be prepared and hang on to that extra oil even if we have been over-trained that it's "nice to share."

Uniquely You...In God's Image

Take a look at the handiwork of God, including all of our flaws. Experience the creativity of God through the hands and words of a potter. Discover the masterpiece that God is!

What's in A Word?

Our words carry life or death. Based upon the Creation story in Genesis, let's explore the creative possibilities of our words in every aspect of our lives.

Healthy Spirit, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body = Healthy You

What we feed our spirit has a direct affect on our mind, thoughts and subsequent actions. If we want a healthy body and feel the best that we can, we must begin by feeding the spirit. Understanding the spirit - mind - body connection.

Abiding in the Loom of Life

We are God's masterpiece! With the image of God as the weaver, our lives are composed of threads in God's hands. Learning to trust God with the intricate details of our lives, row by row in the loom of life. God alone knows the purpose and finished product of our daily toil. Allow yourself to be embraced by God's gentle touch.

Song of the Soul

Music is so powerful. It can evoke memories, affect our emotions, connect us with others and aid in healing. This retreat will explore the ways in which each of us carries a life-song with us throughout our lives. Our day journey will include a discussion of some elements of music and why it is has the power to affect us. We will also contemplate some of Jesus' encounters with people and imagine what song might describe those moments. Finally, we will reflect on our own lives and discover the refrains and lyrics that have been most significant for us. There will be small group discussion, guided meditation and quiet time for prayer and reflection.

More program titles: Thy Kingdom ComeMiracle in the MakingAll Things NewFinding Complete Joy in Your StoryA Promise, A Dream and A PrayerBehold EmmanuelBehold I'm Making All Things NewRekindling Childlike JoyExploring the Heart of MinistryGod Speaks in the Silence of Our HeartsHearts Wide Open, Thy Kingdom Come

Many more programs to choose from contact me for more information
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