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Meet Meg

Meg Castellini has been facilitating retreats throughout the Central New York area for the past 17 years. Besides her family, planning retreats is Meg’s #1 passion and joy. Her programs weave scripture passages with familiar topics that illuminate God’s presence and movement in our daily lives. Meg has ministered as a hospital chaplain, is a spiritual director and currently serves in the area of communications on a free-lance basis.

As a mother of 3, Meg realizes that there is not always a great deal of time to dedicate to private prayer. It is with this realization that Meg's passion is to continually seek God's presence through the busy day and to find ways to connect with others. Inspired by Scripture, Meg develops retreats related to current everyday life experiences for groups of any Christian denomination.


Faithful Expression offers custom-designed retreats for groups to connect with each other and their community. My retreats are designed to create an atmosphere of peace and spiritual renewal through prayer, group discussion and personal reflection. Whether you’re looking for a day-long experience or a weekend getaway, my retreats provide a peaceful and serene atmosphere that allows you to fully focus on your spiritual journey. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will help you deepen your connection with your faith and your community.

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