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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

I received an alert this morning to update my phone to a new operating system. Apparently, the manufacturer thinks that the software needs to be improved. This, of course, got me thinking.

What exactly needs updating? There's a brief description that describes "bug fixes, security issues, productivity improvement."

This message prompted me to understand what I could personally update in my life.

What "bugs" do I notice that need fixing? Is it a behavior or a mindset that needs to be reprogrammed?

My device update improved WiFi connectivity. In what way can I improve my connection to God and others? Should I do a signal check?

Another bug that this update aims to improve or prevent is sudden device shut down. Are there things that trigger me and cause me to physically, mentally and spiritually shut down?

Wow and I've been walking around with a device that also compromises my financial and personal identity? Are there weak places in my life where I unknowingly give a thief access? Perhaps, I have neglected to stand firm in my beliefs and values and as a result I have placed myself in harm's way.

This update also improves the charging capability of my device. Am I open to receive the life-giving encouragement and motivation that God offers me as I begin each day? Do I even remember to plug in?

Here's the main thing that I not only need to consider for my device, but also as a person. Can I handle all these updates at once or will it send me into overload? Do I trust the manufacturer that is providing the suggested download?

As a believer, I know that I can trust God's Word implicitly. I can make an effort every day to plug into the life-giving resources that are available to me, whether it's a Bible app, podcast or spiritually rich book. Plugging into these resources also strengthens my connectivity to God and others! As I update my mind (Romans 12:2) and strengthen my spirit I am guarding myself (Ephesians 6:10-18) against any potential threats. Over time, I know that as my connection strengthens, my productivity will too! (Galatians 5:22-23) Finally, the manufacturer knows me better than anyone (Psalm 139) and I can therefore trust (Proverbs 3:5) each and every update!

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