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Morsels In Our Minutes

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

There's nothing quite like a homemade chocolate chip cookie! I can remember coming home from school to a plate of fresh baked chocolate chips and it seemed to wipe away any struggle that existed that day. There's so many reasons that this plate of cookies had such power, perhaps the best reason was because the baker (my mom) took the time to surprise me with this delicious treat.

I've carried this tradition of baking chocolate chips into my own family. When they are offered the choice of which cookie they'd like me to bake, it's always the chocolate chips.

It seems life is a bit like this cookie. Every day routine life could be compared to the base - the sturdy tan foundation of this delectable treat. Oooooohhhh the morsels, now we're talking! Especially hot from the oven! Their gooey, sweet, warm presence is second to none!

I like to think of God's little surprises, those glimpses of goodness, the rich taste of pure joy - now that's a morsel! How blessed are we when our day is packed full of them!

INTRODUCING "Morsels In Our Minutes" an opportunity to grab a cup of your favorite beverage and indulge in conversation about God's morsels of wisdom that pop up each and every day. We have all tasted them, now let's talk about them!

Do you have a group who would like to indulge in this sweet conversation? I'd love to hear from you! You provide the space and I'll bring the homemade cookies. Together let's savor the sweet morsels of God's love and presence.

315-303-8822 or

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1 Comment

You’re SO SWEET🍪… I thank God for the gifts He has placed in you!

Thank you for sweeting up my day🥰

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