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Power Source


I recently had the tremendous joy of visiting our son in his new home state of Colorado. As our aircraft hovered the vast landscape before landing, I couldn’t help but notice the number of windmills strategically scattered across the green-gold land below.

We safely arrived and met up with our son. He happily brought us to his apartment and showed us around. Before we left for the evening, he presented me with a gift that he purchased on a recent business trip to Iowa - a beautifully hand crafted replica of a windmill. Hmmm…the flight, my view, this gift? Something is here for me in this idea of windmill.

Windmills are agents of power. Back in the day, especially in the Netherlands, windmills were a landowner’s prized possession. In fact, many times an agent of survival. They made great use of the power they were given…converting it into energy that accomplished daily as well as monumental tasks that benefited their communities.

As I consider this precious gift to me, what deeper meaning does it hold? What tools are available to me that I may or may not be tapping into? Am I using the resources available to me in the best way that will benefit my community environmentally, physically and spiritually?

Wow, lots to consider here. Let the wind blow!

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