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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Squeaks can be annoying as we go about our daily routine in the house. Squeaks on the stairs, floors and squeaky doors can cause a bit of disruption especially if someone nearby is on an important phone call.

We have a couple of notable squeaks in our house. The one that has been bothering me the most lately is the squeak that the laundry room door makes as I open and close it. It's particularly bothersome when someone is on the phone in the nearby home office.

So we got out the solution for squeaks...WD-40.

Of course, now with this powerful anti-noise weapon in hand, we thought, what other doors can we silence?

The door into the house from the garage definitely sings a squeaky tune. On second thought, no, I want to hear a squeak if someone enters my house. After all these years, this squeak is embedded in my mind and I associate the sound with the garage door.

I pray that I am this astute when it comes to silencing the squeaks in my life.

Some squeaks are there for a reason.

They serve as a warning that perhaps an intruder is making way into my space. I must be diligent to guard the entrance into my spirit. If this requires a noisy squeak as warning, then so be it. Let the truth of God's Word squeak loud and clear and help me discern whether or not I will open the door.

How about you? Does this raise any concern as you navigate the noise of this world?

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I guess I do more with cues. It started with COVID, and we had to wash our hands for 20 seconds. I told my Spouse that I said a Hail Mary while washing; while it certainly takes less than 20 seconds, I can pray slowly too. 🐌 So now I stick in a Hail Mary whenever I wash my hands. Helps keep my focus on God.

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