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It is said that the bird, the robin knows where the worm is below the ground. Do we know where the worm, the object of our passion is? Is it right under our nose? The main sense that the robin uses to locate a worm is hearing. The robin can hear the robin beneath the dirt. Also the robin can feel the movement of the worm beneath its feet. This makes me wonder about our relationship to God and our necessity for food. Are we listening for our food? Also, do we arise early as the saying goes “the early bird gets the worm.” If we listen close and feel with our heart we will notice God’s presence all around us. 

Sam sat in the chair beside the bed of his hospital room. I noticed the leather-like complexion and admired the simple, yet profound words he shared with me. Sam shared that he is a farmer, still working hard even at 72 years old. It was killing him to be inside the hospital, surely even though it was December, there were things to be done! I asked Sam the secret to farming. Sam’s reply, “Always be one step ahead, when the time comes be ready to seize the opportunity.” I didn’t have to think twice about his advice; the spirit that was evident within his well-worked body proved to me he is an ambitious, prosperous man. I can still remember the texture of his muscular hands as he allowed me to pray with him. What are you waiting for? Plan now.

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