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Our local library offers passes to visit our state parks for a 3-day loan period. It's a wonderful offering, especially for those who may not typically be able to visit a park due to the entrance fee. As you can imagine during this time of year, the passes are very hard to come by! It's almost a game, plotting the exact day and time to arrive at the library in the hope of securing such a treasure!

My first failed attempt of the summer season was July 3rd. The thought of obtaining the pass the day before a holiday was surely comical. The next day to possibly get the pass was July 5th and that's if a patron responsibly returned it.

As I worked on a project for next week, I knew that I had to try to remember my other mission today. However, the afternoon started to quickly get away from me when I suddenly remembered.. oh no, the pass! I quickly drove the 2 miles down to the library and lo and behold, I scored the pass for the entire weekend.

As I checked out...I took note of the clerk's name badge...Grace. Yes, that's truly what this Godwink was...the grace-filled timing of God's reminder to me and of course the pass!

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