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At the Baggage Carousel

The baggage carousel captivated my mind yesterday, as I had 45 minutes to contemplate any spiritual meaning that could be derived from this experience.

Here we were, anxiously awaiting the "bell" to alert us that the conveyor was about to begin. Finally! Nearly 45 minutes after arriving at baggage claim, the belt gracefully navigated bags and bags of various dimensions and colors.

As I desperately waited for my purple roller bag with a single white ribbon tied around the handle, I had the following thoughts.

What do we feel we absolutely have to take with us when we travel?

Are there habits, emotions, judgements, longings or expectations that we've tucked into our "bag" that are taking up valuable space?

As I noticed the bags passing by, each one seemed to have something that set it apart and made it easy for the owner to identify. Is there something unique about each of us that we would proudly display on our "bag" as Christian sojourners?

What is so important in my personal bag that I need to travel with it - - - yet I am comfortable letting it out of my sight for a short time? Is that even a good idea or does this require a bit more thought?

Am I inclined to compare my bag with someone else’s? Do I secretly imagine why someone could possibly need a bag that big or better yet, two bags?

What's my stance as I wait to retrieve that which I took the time to carefully secure in a zippered case? Are we eager to unpack the dirty laundry that's been mixed in with the clean clothes?

Just some contemplation on this day of recuperation for me... Feel free to add your own thoughts that may be trekking around as you participate in the carousel of life.

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