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Leave it in the swamp!

I had a patient who was in a horrific car accident in which her car rolled over several times and landed in a swamp.  She walked away with minor injuries.  She had a few days to recover from the ordeal in the hospital for observation.  I had the opportunity to hear her story.  At first she was bitter that all the Christmas gifts, her luggage and other belongings were destroyed in the swamp.  But as she pondered for a few days, she recognized the growth opportunity.  That was all stuff and the pain of her recent job loss had caused her great bitterness.  She decided with her unfortunate accident she had the opportunity to “leave it in the swamp.”  I thought that was profound.  How many thoughts and feelings attempt to pollute us everyday?  We have a choice, ingest the murky water of discontentedness or embrace the freedom of renewal as we leave it in the swamp. Thanks Lori for this life lesson

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