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It's All In The Process


I remember my patient Lauren who painted so beautifully!  Lauren shared her treasure of talent with me one day as we visited. I asked Lauren, “How long does it take you to finish your painting?” “It took me about six months for this one.”  I couldn’t believe it! “Wow! I would never be able to wait that long! I would want it to be done in a couple of hours!”  As Lauren suffers with her chronic illness, she often beats herself up because she is so inpatient with her progress.  “Lauren” I pointed out, “you are so patient! Do you realize the process involved with your painting? Life is such a process. It requires our patient, trust in God, realizing each step builds upon another.”

         Art is another way to understand our purpose and the process involved in achieving our goals. The Scripture “I am the clay and you are the potter, we are all the work of your hands” is so insightful.  We can just imagine God our creator taking the time to first think about each one of us individually. We have been designed for a specific purpose that is unique for each of us.  Think about all the different earthenware items that are available. Vases, cups, saucers, plates, bowls, jewelry trinkets, etc… Each one designed with a specific purpose; made from different material, with different colors. Ask any potter, the creation does not happen over night! 

The potter begins with just the right amount of clay and water. Again working with a material from the ground, hmmm.  As it is formed in the potter’s hand upon the wheel, much takes place. Perhaps some trimming of the extra clay, moving, slowing, possibly even starting over. All with a specific purpose in mind. Just when the piece of formed clay may think that it’s ready to be used… into the kiln! The potter turns up the heat and waits! If we really reflect upon this, we can see the same process taking place in our lives. In fact, God is so merciful, we are often given second, third, and fourth chances!  One thing that we can count on is that we are never alone during the process. Think about the potter who has put the masterpiece in the kiln. Sure the piece is in the kiln by itself, but you can be sure the potter has not forgotten about the piece. So much thought and effort has been poured into this piece, the potter waits with great anticipation! And at the appointed time, the potter will display and use this piece for its intended purpose with all credit begin given to the creator.

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